What You Need to DO to have a .COM Domain at the Cheapest Price

Sep 5th, 2015

A frequently-asked query:

I’ve seen some sites that cost a few hundred per month, a few hundred per year. Some that are a few bucks per month.. and a bit more per year.. I just want a site that I can put my own coding in entirely with a hell of a ton of space to use.. while having it be not too expensive.
Anyone know of any good ones that might interest me?

Answer: It is not your fault you got confused. Web hosting is one of the most important part of your online presence and can mean the success and failure for your business.

Domain registration typically cost $10-$12 per year but the good news is you can get a free .com domain for free! All you need to do is get a web hosting package with free domain registration included!

An excellent hosting:

  1. gives free domain registration,
  2. has cheaper web hosting packages
  3. has unlimited disk space storage

According to a web hosting comparison site, InMotion Hosting (IMH) is one of the best hosting providers today. InMotion Hosting scored better in almost all areas, based on the research carried out by webhostcomparison.org. InMotion is also rated highly by BBB. What we like most about InMotion is the 90-day money back guarantee. By giving such an extra long guarantee not given by any other website provider, it just shows how confident they are that you will like their service.

This IMH review was also impressed with customer satisfaction record of InMotion Hosting. So, now that you have the answer, you just have to try InMotion Hosting for yourself and start hosting for only $5.95 $6.95 per month.

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Tip: Although most web hosting plans come with free domain name registration, we still recommend that you register your important domain name(s) separately at one of the domain registration services. This can avoid complication when you need to move hosting.

  1. Bart
    Jan 3rd, 2013 at 03:48
    Quote | #1

    I happen to know the perfect choice for you.
    I am a graphic designer that also builds website’s.

    I usually direct my clients to www.one.com
    At this web host, you get a good web hosting for a very low price

    For the lowest price which is 1.25 euro’s a month (2 dollars a month) and 12 euro’s a year for a .com domain (19 dollars per year) + 19 dollars of setup fee in the first year, you get:

    – 3000MB of space (this includes mail, database, files, etc)
    – unlimited data traffic
    – unlimited email accounts
    – PHP5 / ASP / MySQL database (size only limited to the 3000MB total size limit)
    – FTP Login
    – Virus and spam filter
    – Tons of free easy install stuff, like photo album, web editor, blog maker (but you sound like the guy that doesnt really need that)
    – NO ADS, POPUPS or whatever

    So you’ll have www.yoursite.com for as low as 43 bucks a year (with and exeption of the first year which will cost you approx. 62 bucks)

    For more information, just visit http://www.one.com

    All my clients sites are hosted there, including my own, and I’
    ve never had problems. If you do have a problem they have 24/7 chat support.

    I love this host, and I think its just what you are looking for.

    Hope this helped

  2. travis b
    Jan 3rd, 2013 at 05:51
    Quote | #2


  3. Dojan5
    Jan 3rd, 2013 at 07:35
    Quote | #3

    A .com is not the same thing as a place where you can put your website. The .com is instead of using a IP or a www.blah.fortunecity.com.
    A URL is translated to IP and blah. I won’t explain.
    But according to me, you can just get a free domain and add a .com domain name to it.
    I have 250MB on my free webspace, i have to store my Downloads programs on another server (right now on box.net) it works.
    Then you can also get a .co.nr instead of a .com for free…
    If you really have money to spend on it, then go to godaddy.com or namecheap.com

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