A Very Confidential Bundle to Use in Publishing Your Website

Feb 12th, 2017

Is your decision final in making your website online? DO not worry if this is your first time. Here what we say so that you will be in right track.

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there. But you have to choose the best one with a good deal for the first year which means will give you a lot of benefits and freebies for your first year. Another thing to consider is that if the web host offers free trial or almost free trial to check out their service. In this set up, you will be allowed to examine and thoroughly experiment their web hosting service before you commit.

Aside from that, you have to review their web hosting service reputation and BBB ratings if their company truly stand on what they say. Remember that your web host handles your visibility online so you need to pick the right one with a reliable server uptime and customer service.

What’s Included in This Secret Offer

  • A Reliable Web Hosting account with cPanel and automatic installer.

    There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. If you are building your first website, get a multi-domain shared hosting to create a more robust website at a more affordable price. You can upgrade later to dedicated server when the time comes.

    You can also install popular content management systems such as WordPress, and start building your website in no time.

  • A Domain Name.

    First you need to get a domain name. This is the unique name that will identify your website. It is simple to get one, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy. You can search for a domain name and if it’s available, buy it before somebody else grabs it.

  • Email Hosting

    Create as many email addresses @mydomain.com as you’d like.

    You also get unlimited Autoresponders, and the spam prevention tools also included for your mailboxes. You can Send/Receive emails on any device.

Remember, it’s always safer to go with a bargain web hosting plan in the beginning. Do not risk your money unnecessarily. Before signing up with any web hosting company, always make sure to research and review first their reputation before signing up. Have you heard the name HostGator before? They are a big name in the website hosting industry.

In fact, this website is hosted on Hostgator too!

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You can now get your website going at a much lower startup cost with this bundle promotion.

Enjoy Reliable Web Hosting for US$31/year + .COM Domain for $5/year + Free Unlimited Emails + Free Easy-to-use Website Builder (optional)

What are you waiting for? Start a Website NOW. That’s basically everything you need for just US$36 (about RM140) for the whole year.

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